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If you are ever in need of an automotive locksmith, then Pocono Locksmith in Stroudsburg is at your service. We specialize in automotive locksmith services and we are sure that we can help manage any and all lock-related issues that you might have with your car. Our automotive locksmith service covers the following:

  • Car Key Replacements: If for any reason, you lose your car key, we can make you a replacement on site. However, it is more advisable for you to get this service as a contingency should in case you ever lose your car key.
  • Ignition Lock Cylinders: Your ignition lock cylinder is an integral part of the functioning and starting of your car. Occasionally, if it possible for this part of a car to develop a fault. If this ever happened call Pocono Locksmith. We will be more than happy to take a look at it and offer solutions in real time.
  • Key Extraction: It is also possible for your car key to get stuck in the ignition or door locking system. Removing the key with force might not be the answer, especially as you run the risk of making things considerably worse by doing so. Instead, just call Pocono Locksmith and we’ll be able to safely extract your car key from wherever it might be stuck.
  • Lock Replacements: In cases where your car’s door lock has been damaged or its integrity has been compromised, you can count on us to help you find a replacement that works just as fine.
  • Lockout Services: In those very annoying cases where you find that you have unwittingly locked your keys inside your car, call on Pocono Locksmith and we will be able to help you get your keys out safely and without any further damage or stress.
  • Key Programming: We can help you program a remote or a fob for your car so that you have better accessibility and greater ease of locking the car, no matter if its a duplicate, or a key made from scratch. Any year, make, or model.  
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