Pocono Locksmith bases its unique services on providing reliable, efficient and swift 24/7 locksmith services. We are the locksmith you should have on your speed dial, as we are your best choice to get you out from panic situations. Do not get stressed out while dealing with situations that make you frustrated. Just pick up the phone and call Pocono Locksmith.

Losing your car keys or getting yourself locked out is not a common occurrence. It can happen to anyone and most people have gone through the misery of being stranded on a roadside. When this happens, you need a reliable resource at your disposal. Pocono Locksmith’s emergency services are exactly that.

We will reach you at the earliest and will come equipped with everything that you need. Our locksmiths are fully trained men and they can provide you with the fastest on the spot services. We have the right people with the right experience for the job.


Our emergency services will get to you even when you are stuck on the interstate with no one to help you. Whether your car key broke in the ignition or you left it inside the car, Pocono knows what to do. Our team of locksmiths will make sure that you get your keys out safely without any more damage to the car.

Our auto locksmiths are the best in town and we have the right equipment for regular car locks to the latest transponder locks as well. We have reliable car key programmers on board that will help you out.

Office and Residential Lockouts

Do not worry if you have lost your keys. We provide emergency services for all types of lockouts and are available 24/7 for your convenience. We have a dispatch team ready at all times that will reach you and get you back inside your building in less than an hour.

Call us whenever you are stuck in such a situation and we will reach you in lighting speed.  

Lost Keys and 24/7 on the Spot Services

Everyone has lost their keys at least once in their lives. You are definitely not the only one. Here at Pocono Locksmith, we provide the best on the spot services whether you are on the interstate, the middle of the city or the suburbs.

Our team is adept at making duplicates for your keys or master keying the whole building to save you from additional stress. We will make sure we leave an extra key with you so that you do not have to go through the same situation again.

If you want one of the best locksmith services to get to you in the least time, we are your best choice. Pocono Locksmith services are the ultimate all-inclusive service provider that can be trusted with a blind eye.

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